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Finding an insurance policy offers you financial reprieve after a hazard damages your insured assets. Insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you can lead a normal life and still meet your financial obligations even after a disaster occurs. Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services is committed to providing Arizona residents ideal insurance solutions. Here are a few of the policies we offer:

Auto insurance

Auto insurance pays to repair or replace your vehicle after an insured hazard occurs. The policy also has a liability coverage option that pays to represent you in court after a legal suit. Liability insurance is required for all residents of Arizona driving on state roads.

Home Insurance

Home insurance insures your home against damage due to fires, theft, vandalism, and weather changes. If a non-resident is hurt while on your property, then the coverage will pay for their medical expenses. It also covers the cost of a liability suit.

RV insurance

In the event your recreational vehicle is involved in an accident, this coverage pays for its repairs. It covers both collision and non-collision accidents. It also includes coverage that caters for bodily injuries incurred during the accident.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance offers you financial reprieve when your motorcycle is involved in an accident. It covers not only collision accidents but also non-collision accidents. It includes fires, vandalism, theft, and collisions with other motor vehicles.

Commercial Insurance

If you are a business owner, this coverage protects you from all business-related perils and risks. It helps cover your business property, your employees, and all liability cases brought against you. It provides a buffer that allows your business to stay on track.

Boat/watercraft insurance

If you own a boat, this coverage pays for its repair or replacement after an insured event occurs. The coverage also pays your litigation fees in case an aggrieved party sues you.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance affords you extra liability protection beyond your limit. This option will come in handy for you in case you exhaust your existing liability coverage limits.

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