About Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services

About Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services

Our Story

In 1973 our parents, Jerry and Nancy Springberg and Joe and Kathy McAndrew moved their families to Lake Havasu City from New York and Chicago respectively to give their children a better quality of life. That move would prove to be a testament to the American Dream, as the insurance company Jerry and Nancy founded all those years ago has grown into one of the largest investment and insurance firms in Mohave County. The friendship between our two families that lasted through all those years eventually would allow the firm to pass on to the next generation.

Mike McAndrew joined the firm in 1988 to focus on insurance planning and Brian Springberg five years later in 1993 as an investment advisor. This philosophy of having experts in various fields continued to expand with the firm expanding into providing will and trust services in 2005. By focusing on two main goals- the needs of the client and a deep knowledge of their particular field, the two of us and our staff strive every day to deliver our motto; Local Service, National Expertise. To see if our company is the right fit for you, we're an email or phone call away.

Brian Springberg & Mike McAndrew


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