Arizona Commercial Insurance coverage

Commercial Insurance

Arizona Commercial Insurance for your Business

Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services is an independent insurance company in Arizona that offers insurance services and financial planning. As a client of Springberg McAndrew, you will receive a high level of personal attention and be given access to knowledge of insurance solutions to help you in the future.

Most businesses in Arizona require commercial insurance coverage. There are many business insurance products available depending on the type of business you are running. As a business owner of either a new company or an old one, it is essential to choose the best insurance agency to cover your business from insured risks.

Some of the commercial insurance products include:

Business interruption insurance

In case a disaster occurs, the business will suffer from loss due to your staff's inability to work. This insurance is helpful to companies that have a physical location in which they operate their business.

Property insurance

This insurance covers for signage, equipment, and reserves in the event of fire and theft. Natural disasters like floods are not covered.

Business vehicle insurance

Vehicles should be insured to protect businesses if an accident should occur. It is a legal requirement to have auto insurance on your vehicles. Coverage options may vary for companies who use vehicles for delivery purposes.

Workers' compensation insurance

When you hire a new employee, add them to the workers' compensation insurance that covers disability, medical treatment, and death. This is a legal requirement in most states.

To run a stress-free business, it is essential to have the right commercial insurance. This will help to avoid significant financial loss due to tragic events. At Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services, we offer advice and services for Arizona businesses. Visit us our offices or contact an agent by phone to discuss a policy and get a quote.