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Home Policies offered to Arizona Residents

Perils such as fire, lightning, or vandalism may render your living space uninhabitable. However, homeowner's insurance seeks to bridge the financial gap created by these perils.

Here are our home insurance coverage options:

Home structure

It is a standard coverage option in homeowner's insurance policies. It covers the main physical construction of your home and other structures attached to it. It insures your home against risks such as fire, hail, and wind.

Detached structures coverage

This insurance policy covers structures on the property other than your home. Such structures include a tool shed, a detached garage, or fence. Fire, hail, and lightning are some of the covered risks.

Personal property protection

Personal property protection provides coverage for your personal belongings. The coverage helps pay for the repair or replacement of your belongings. Personal property such as furniture, electronics, and clothing are covered under this policy. Covered risks include theft, fires, and burglary.

Liability protection

Liability protection pays to represent you in court after a legal suit. Most legal suits are filed by people injured on your property during after an insured event.

Additional living expenses

In instances where your home is rendered unfit for habitation, additional living expense covers the cost of increased living costs while your home is being repaired. It includes extra storage costs, accommodation, and food.

Medical costs coverage

This coverage pays for medical expenses of non-residents if the injuries occur within your property. The coverage aims to buffer your financial resources by catering for the unexpected medical expense.

Home Insurance Policies in Arizona

At Springberg McAndrews Insurance Services, we are committed to offering you tailor-made home insurance solutions. Our experts are always available to offer advice on the appropriate coverage options for your home. Get in touch with us today for more information and other insurance policies. You can also obtain a free quote for your home insurance policy on our website.