Arizona Umbrella Insurance coverage

Umbrella Insurance

At Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services, we do our best to offer you reliable quotes for umbrella insurance. Our umbrella insurance policies provide you with extra liability insurance. If you are faced with significant liability claims, you may not be able to pay for them with your standard home, auto, and boat/watercraft insurance policies. Our umbrella insurance protects you, so you do not have to sell your assets to pay for your additional liability claims. We have a team of professional and experienced Arizona agents. They can work with you to find the most appropriate umbrella insurance quote for your needs.

Our Umbrella Insurance Coverage Options

Bodily Injury Liability

Our umbrella insurance policies offer you additional protection against bodily injury liability. If a liability claim or lawsuit exceeds the limits of your auto, home, or commercial insurance, our umbrella insurance policies kick in to help you, so you do not have to pay out of pocket. If, for example, a customer is injured at your business' property, the cost of their medical bills may exceed the limits of your commercial liability insurance. Our umbrella insurance compensates you for the extra charges.

Property Damage Liability

Our umbrella insurance offers you additional property damage liability. If you are legally liable for the costs of repairing or replacing another person's property, the costs may exceed the limits of your standard home, auto, or boat/watercraft insurance policies. If, for example, you cause damage to another person's property or vehicle during a car accident, your auto insurance may not cover all the costs of repairing or replacing their property. Our umbrella insurance policies help you to pay for the remaining costs.

Personal liability

Our umbrella insurance policies may help you pay for personal liability claims such as libel, slander, false arrest, mental anguish, and malicious protection.

If you are looking for umbrella insurance quotes, contact Springberg McAndrew Insurance Services in Arizona. We will help you find the most appropriate quote for your needs.